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Become a fully booked artist, and gain destination weddings with a stand out portfolio!

Do you want to become a fully booked and in demand artist?

Do you want to travel the world and do destination weddings?

Do you wan to be able to pick & choose when you work?

Maybe you want to grow a team?

Want to be an in demand artist?

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Want to

multiple your bookings?

If you want a successful career as a bridal makeup artist or wedding hairstylist,
one of the most important things you can do is showcase your best work!
This can be done in a variety of ways: You can post professional photos on
social media and your website, invest in your education by keeping up with
trends, and most importantly, learn how to present your work well and
become more business savvy.

This way you can connect with new and potential clients who are looking for
services like yours, from talented and professional artists, to look good on their
big day!

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a successful makeup artist and/or hairstylist. You are constantly evolving and can achieve your goals faster if you invest your time and money in the support of mentors who have ‘BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT.’ Gain valuable knowledge from proven methods to develop a successful career – making sure you put in the effort and make the most of your skills!

THE QUESTION IS… You invest in your education, you invest in building and
continuously adding to your kit, why wouldn’t you invest in building a hair or
make-up portfolio so that your business can stand out to your ideal clients?
Why not jump on a done-for-you-styled workshop for a portfolio-building day
or invest in yourself to start your business journey, with your best foot

Storme has become a seasoned professional and successful brand in her own right...

Wanna Know How?

I'll let you in on all I've learned along the way

Fast track, Level up, and Learn the secrets to growing a successful wedding makeup and / or hairstyling business

Are you struggling with...

What to do next in your business?
Getting an outstanding portfolio that speaks to your ideal clients?
Not getting the bookings you want?
How to price yourself?
How to grow a team?

Don't struggle alone... Its okay to ask for help!

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Hi! I'm


I'm a wedding makeup artist and hairstylist, a Mentor, Army wifey, business and Growth hack obsessed & Doggo mama

The struggle can be real – running a business behind the scenes and working IN
your business is HARD! No one teaches you what goes into building a
successful business when we’re training to be bridal make-up and hair stylists!
I built my business after moving to London without knowing
anyone. Within 3 years I had a team under my brand. 

I learned the hard mistakes, and figured a lot out on my own. However I now know the fast track to run a successful business. So you don’t have to waste time or make the same mistakes.

My mission is to awaken your business dreams, to give you more free time (if
that’s one of your goals) and help you by introducing and implementing tools
for success so your business continuously grows and thrives.



What other


have said:

“My session was so insightful and I really learned a lot that I didn’t know. I think I will really be able to apply what I learned which will make such a big difference for my business. I feel more inspired and excited to boost my social media and business.” 

 – Mantonine Reichert

“I just finished my one to one call with Storme and can’t thank her enough for all the invaluable advice she has given me. I had been looking for an expert paid of eyes to help me with some improvements and I wanted to make my business to know how to promote it. Storme had clearly spent time before our meeting familiarising herself with my website and my product, and she was able to get to the problem areas very quickly, offering me lots of advice and suggestions. What you get with Storme is a vast knowledge of the wedding beauty business, together with a sharp mind, which means you get to cover so much in the calls. To add to this, she is a lovely, caring and fun person who puts you at ease straight away. Arrange a call and see for yourself! Thank you so much for all your help, Storme!” 

– Gavin Harvie

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