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I specialise in soft, natural makeup and romantic, textured wedding hair styling
in the UK and other countries. I have a passion not only for hair and makeup but also for business and developing a business to its full potential.

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I was definitely one of those kids who did not know exactly what they wanted
to do when they were older. And that scared me!

I have always been creative at heart, and it took me a while to find my true calling. After university, after gaining some confidence and overcoming my extraordinary shyness, I turned back to what I had studied in my gap year and to what I loved so much… Make-up artistry.

I did what most people do – I went to university and studied psychology. You know what, that was not for me. I had to have that experience though, to realise that I am not an academic and I never will be. I had to go back to my roots and do something I really enjoy fulfilling my life professionally and in my career.

I continued my education and took the odd job during my studies. I quickly realised that in the South African market, you do not get that much work unless you also offer hairstyling. So, I enrolled in hairdressing – not to only be good with hair, but to be GREAT at it! It was the best decision I ever made and an investment in myself and the future possibilities of my career.

I quickly learned...

After my training and once qualified, I quickly realised that I didn’t want to work in a salon every day and longed for the freelance life – I wanted every day to be exciting and different. My next goal was to work on my portfolio and be represented by a leading hair and make-up agency in Cape Town. I applied to
many, and my first choice and the best artist management agency allowed me to come on board.

For many years I did professional editorial campaigns for print media and fashion, big brand look books, runway events and television commercials. And for many years I loved it. I was young, I was busy, and I made contacts and gained more and more confidence in myself and my skills.

Something had to change...

When I started planning my wedding, I was doing 18 hour days on set. Not knowing until 11pm, when and where I needed to be the next day. This started to weigh on me. The thought of being married and barely being home to see my husband was not fun.

I always wanted to work seasonally and follow the sun! So, when my boyfriend
proposed, it meant I had to move to England for good – I saw this as an opportunity and jumped at the chance to make a change when I arrived in London.

Little did I know then, that the wedding world would be waiting for me. The process of planning my own wedding sparked a new love for the industry, and with the impending move abroad – a fresh start and change in the industry was underway!

A year after moving to the UK from Cape Town, my hometown, I set up Storme Makeup and Hair (my business baby) I knew very little about the wedding industry and knew absolutely no one!

Since setting up my business in April 2016, I have grown it to become a highly in-demand luxury wedding company providing exceptional service both upon booking and right through to the client’s special day. I have expanded and have 20 amazing artists on my team, and a team of professionals that support and help me with the back end
of my business.

This has


me to...

Only do the bookings I want to!

Find a better work / life balance

Increase my prices!

Get paid for destination work

Spend more time off and still earn!

Keep up with demand!



can too!

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