Portfolio Building Workshops for Bridal Makeup & Hairstylists

Sit back as we take care of all the details!
Walk away with a endless gallery of Pinterest Worthy content!

Our workshops are specifically designed for bridal artists to showcase their skills in a way that will GET YOU BOOKED!  Bridal Hairstylists and Wedding Makeup Artists gain valuable, show- stopping images to add to their portfolios. There is no client brief, you have complete creative freedom to add much needed missing pieces to portfolio.

We 100% believe that if you are showing more of what you LOVE to create within your portfolio – then more and more brides to be will book you for your styles and want you love to do! Bring on those ideal clients!

No more time wasters, get content that sells you within seconds. No questions asked about your prices etc.  The proof of your value is seen in your portfolio!

Wow your potential clients with your talent shown in your Portfolio

Want to know the


to success?

You need eye catching imagery that clearly showcases your work and inspires potential clients.

Having images that clearly show your hairstyles or makeup, up close as well as fully styled so that your ideal clients know exactly what you are capable of and why they NEED to invest in your services and book YOU ASAP!

We know that the investment of your beauty course, and building up your kit is an expense, however after that you don’t have much to show for it…

Images are so important to draw clients in. And you better believe that the artists with strong portfolios are bagging the clients! An artist that can clearly show their skills is going to gain a client’s trust fair more easily! So, photos that are showing of your work clearly and professionally are non-negotiable.



Because lets face it, often we don’t get images back from our weddings, and if we do they’ve slapped a filter on and chanced the colours. ( Ag so annoying)

Does this sound like you…

Do you want to gain more quality clients?

Do you struggle to keep your portfolio fresh?

Do you struggle to find models if you want to be creative?

Do you struggle to get images back from photographers?

Do you get images back from photographers, but they are heavily filtered or there are no closeups and you can’t use them?

Do you rely on getting all your portfolio images if and when you have a moment from an iPhone?

Are you not attracting your ideal clients?

Struggling to justify increasing your prices?

Are you not attracting enough potential clients?

You are not alone if you answered YES to ANY of the above! 


Imagine this level of professional
content in your protfolio...

What if I told you there was just one thing… 

That could change all the above problems you may be facing.

You can change this all by investing time, money, and energy to instantly start improving what you show to your potential clients as they land on your social media and website.

They only need to see ONE image that speaks to them of a hairstyle or makeup look that YOU created, that is captured well to inspire them and book you! That’s right, even the power of have ONE stand out image has huge benefits

THE THING IS – You don’t have much time to impress a potential client viewing your website or social media. Your images are the strongest chance you have to capture their attention within 10 seconds to make them continue investigating you as a potential wedding hairstylist or makeup artist for their very special day!

What’s that saying – ‘a picture says a thousand words’…
It couldn’t be more true!



Hi! I'm


We all start somewhere, and I would love to let you in on the secret that fast tracked my career in the wedding industry as a bridal hair and makeup artist.

I moved to London from Cape Town, shortly after I got married. I know little and no one in London. I had to start all over again from scratch, with very little paid work coming my way.

I didn’t know who my ideal client was, nor did I know or understand how best to attract them.

Fast forward two years and I had a website that was generating me more leads than I was able to serve myself and I had added two trusted friends of mine that were artists to start building a team.

Today I run a team of 20 highly in-demand wedding hair and makeup artists that do destination weddings and travel all over London, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

It wasnt always like this for me…

I had very limited business knowledge when I arrived in London in April 2015, and when I started my business ‘ Storme Makeup and Hair in April 2016, I was determine to make something of it.

Through many struggles and learning curves, I quickly found that one’s images can be the fuel and a powering force to getting noticed and attracting your ideal clients and an audience as a whole.

Instead of just putting money aside to invest in upgrading my skillset when there was someone I wanted to learn hair and makeup techniques from, I also wanted to invest time, money, and energy in having a portfolio I was truly proud of. This not only helped me showcase all the styles I love to create but also attracted the RIGHT potential clients to me and my services.

It can be rather expensive developing your portfolio on your own if you want pinterest worthy images…

So I created a workshop and safe place for you to be able to show your clients something special, and gain more bridal bookings!

Another Past Portfolio Building Creative Days...

Want content & images for your portfolio like this?

You can jump on board and have a fully ‘done for you’ service at our next Portfolio Building Workshop.

What that means is all the details are taken care of, and all you need to do is arrive and be inspired to create looks that you want to be doing more of to captivate your brides to be and potential clients.  One of the bonuses of the day is there is no client or model telling you what the breif is, you have full creative freedom. So come and play!



you've been waiting for

No more worrying about what to post, or chasing people for images! DON’T be reliant on others for your content!

FACT: There is a direct link between your portfolio of work and being fully booked and in demand…

Come to our all-inclusive, done-for-you portfolio building 1-day workshop to gain Pinterest-worthy images.


Ok, so listen…

We are going to keep these workshops intimate!

There will only be 3 tickets per workshop day to ensure that everyone gets the most from the day and some beneficial one-on-one time with Storme!

Whats included…


Upon booking onto our Portfolio Building Workshop you will receive a pdf on HOW TO PREPARE for the day! And any creative days you might wish to do yourself going forward.


PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT by Storme that will be delivered by a zoom video recording to watch and keep forever. This is so that you can be aware of any gaps in your portfolio, hone down on your ideal client and to make sure you plan the right looks on the portfolio day so that you get the most out of the day itself!


Portfolio Day Preparation
Profitable Portfolio Guide

On the day..

GoOdie Bag

A little thank you gift with a few goodies and the PROFITABLE PORTFOLIO GUIDE booklet!

Value: £105


The model part can be hard! So we make sure to organise a wonderful model for you to use and shoot with that has experience and will be able to showcase your amazing skills and work in the professional photos!

Value: £100 – £250


We have loads of accessories to choose from, and will often have wonderful brands send us pieces to use for the day. You can use these accessories such as earrings and hair accessories to best style the looks you have created on your model.

Value: £100 – £400


We like to look at the bigger picture! As this is bridal focused all model wear will be wedding gowns, low backs or wedding portrait ready for the best out come of your images!  We have multiple dress makers and dress shops that we work with to ensure we get that wow factor!

Value: £1000+


We will be providing a healthy lunch, which is vegan and will be freshly deliver for us on the day. There will be ample hot drinks and snacks to nibble on through out the day as well.


Flowers are a key aspect and the props and florals are the backdrop to our creations. Each workshop will be unique and beautifly styled in a relaxed and romantic theme that will create a stunning atmosphere for the workshop.

Value: £500+


Professional Images that will highlight your skills. We will not only ensure that you come away with images that will up level your portfolio. But you will also get behind the scenes of you applying the makeup or styling the hair,  a lovely portfolio session for yourself to gain a professional portfolio, as well as help you gain as much content out of the day! Thats right, grab some before and afters, look transitions, make a tiktok or reel from the videos you capture. There is SO much content you can get from one day of fun!

Value: £250 -£550


Storme, a leading Hair, and Makeup Artist within the bridal industry will be on hand and available for any advice needed along the way – be it styling the hair, makeup application, posing the models, or teaching you how to gain great images like this at weddings and at trials, taking bts and walking around to make sure everyone is getting the most out of the experience and day.

Value for 6 hours: £550

A total value of over £2050 if you had to do it on your own!

This workshop is right for you if…

  • You are an aspiring wedding hair and/or makeup artist, or you are a seasoned professional wanting to upgrade your portfolio.
  • You are ready to take control of your portfolio and make it look more professional.
  • It’s time for you to gain more of your ideal clients!
  • You’re wanting or thinking about increasing your prices.
  • You live in or around London to attend the Workshops.
  • You have your own kit, and you are biting at the grip to be creative.

It’s not for you if…

  • Wedding hair or makeup is not your main focus, as everything will be styled for a bridal shoot.
  • You want to create Avant-Garde, or very colorful creative looks.
  • You can’t get to London / Surrey, UK for a workshop day. Most workshops, for the time being, will be held in and around London.
  • If you don’t see the benefit in upgrading your portfolio.

What you can expect to gain…

Full creative licence

A clearer idea of your ideal client and identifiable style

Feedback in the moment

A bank of content ( Content to refresh your website)


High quality Images for your portfolio

Less wait time on photos

Not filtered by photographers style edits, and true to tone images

Learn how to stage and pose, and take images of your clients

Networking with creatives

Styles you love and are proud of in your image bank

Ability to increase your prices

Attract and gain new quality clients


What other


have said:

Love the professional portfolio days with the photographers, also getting to do makeup etc.. as it is so hard to get the images you want sometimes on wedding mornings without feeling like an inconvenience to the bride/ photographer, this is a perfect way plus I get to chat about my passion with other artists and have fun!

 – Jo Elizabeth

“I have attended several workshops/creative days with Storme Hair and Makeup and each one has been a really great opportunity to learn and create high quality content.  They are always incredibly well organised; every detail is considered and Storme always brings together the most talented and professional models/suppliers to contribute to the experience.  As well as producing high-quality, eye-catching images they have also always been great opportunities to showcase new styles and have encouraged me to work on looks that have previously been outside of my comfort zone.  They have also provided great opportunities to network with other professionals, sharing tips and learning new techniques from one another.”

– Jennifer Hawkins

How much does it


This will be fully professionally styled for YOU to get the best out of the day. The price to do so, if you were to style and orangise a shoot of this standard on your own would cost between £950 and thats without the knowlegde and preparation that we have done for you! Total value £2020+

Our fully done for you Portfolio Building Workshop day is an investment of £675. This comes with no fuss or stress beforehand. Come and enjoy the day, and benefit from the styled shoot and images you gain by looking more professional, gaining more clients, and build demand in your own style. This will make you feel more confident, allow you to network with other artists, and have a super fun day!


Book now and get a follow up call with Storme 

Bonus 6 month follow up call and support offer  

Now selling for £675


The Finer Details

Our new Workshop offer is only for our workshop which take place in Early 2023

  • Our Workshops will take place in Jan/ Feb – date yet to be set. If you are interested and want to be notified on the workshop date, please put yourself on the WAITLIST HERE
  • These will take place in Thames Ditton, KT7 (plenty of free parking available, and a short bus ride from Surbiton) and you would need the full days availability to get the most out of the day.
  • There are limited spaces of 4 attendants to ensure individual attention and gain as much content from one day. 
Its going to be beautiful – 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you are welcome to join. These workshops are for both hair and makeup artists and you will get the most out of your model for the day by gaining beauifil hair hero shots as well as makeup! The Workshops are held over one day, but we plan two dates in a row, so you are welcome to join either date and do both hair and makeup.

Your payment for the workshop is non refundable, but it is transferable should you not be able to attend, you can sell your ticket to another artist.

No, we source and provide a beautiful model for you for the day! All you need to bring is yourself and your tools, as well as had thought about the looks you wish to create.

This all depends on your abilities and what is doable within the time frame. We aim that you definately get two gorgeous looks form the day, with faster artists able to get three or more.

Your model will either come with their own makeup one, and we only take images of your hairstyles, or if you are doing makeup, we might have an S Pro artist handy to create a hairstyle of your choosing to complete your look, or keep the hair simple and out the way to focus soley on your beautiful makeup.

We also have the option of the service you do not provide to be done by one of Storme’s incredibly S Pro team artists, with your direction of how you want the hair / or makeup for a complete look to be photographed

We plan on releasing more dates, so keep an eye out for when our nexts workshops will be. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will be able to keep up to date and you will recieve tips and tricks in the monthly newsletter too.


If you have booked on a date for the workshop, it is non refundable, but you can transfer your ticket to another artists and try and book another date once they are released.

The photographers will work on them and get previews back to us asap. The full galleries we have asked to be delievered no longer than one month later. ( If not earlier!)

Yes there is, you can pay in two installments – depending on when you book onto the workshop. The workshop should be paid in full by the date of shooting as we do pay all the supplier <3

Each Workshop will be styled in a unique way and will be timeless and beautiful. There will be no set themes so that artists and their own styles can shine through.

Each workshop will have a new / different photographer. However each photographer is picked that showcases beautiful and true to tone images.

Previous workshop photographers include – Poppy Cater Lori Young and Jade Touron

Your ticket is non-refundable but is transferable. Meaning if you are not able to attend the date any longer, you are able to sell your ticket yourself and the date will be transfered to another artist. This can be done at your discretion to make up or partly get the fee back from your ticket. Storme Education must be notified should you wish to transfer your ticket in advance prior to the workshop date.

“I never dreamed about success,
I worked for it “

– Estee Lauder. 

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