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You may be starting out or unsure about what to do and when to do it. You may already be established and wanting to take your business to the next level. Whichever stage you find yourself in, I would love to be of service and help you with guidance, advice and tips.


You may know this...

I have worked as a freelance make-up artist and hairstylist for most of my adult
life. I trained as a make-up artist in 2008 in South Africa, where I am originally
from. In 2010, realising that both hair and makeup were essential I qualified as
a hairdresser. I have a background in advertising /campaigns and television and
was represented by a top agency in Cape Town shortly after graduating. But I
discovered my true passion when I moved to London in 2015 and opened
Storme Makeup and hair in 2016. Since then, my business has developed and
grew rapidly – within three years I needed a team of artists to meet demand.

I had no idea how to run a business! I was very sheltered in South Africa and
with an agency representing me for all my work, I did not have to do anything
other than travel in and do my hands-on make-up and hair work.

The business world can be a minefield and often we creatives do not care so
much about the anatomy of a how to run a successful business, preferring to
focus on the practical aspect. While it’s important to hone your hair and make-
up skills, it means nothing if you do not have the knowledge to work behind
the scenes to create a functioning business to back up the great efforts you
make to master your craft.

I've made mistakes as well...

I am not going to lie to you, I have made my mistakes and learned along the way. I have regretted not following my gut when I should have. But when other makeup and hair stylists in my area did not survive, my business continued to grow – when I was booked up far in advance and had to intentionally block out ‘free days’ in my diary – I realised I had reached a point where I was running a successful wedding makeup and hair business. Yes, success can mean different things to different people. For me, success means having a profitable business that works on my terms, with flexible hours, clients who find me and are happy with our services and that I absolutely love what I do.

When I moved to London in 2015, I knew no one and knew little about running a business, let alone working in the UK or managing a team. I was starting out in a brand-new industry with little experience, but I was on fire and had a burning desire to make it work and learn as much as I could! I built my business myself, almost by instinct, to a point where I could not manage on my own. I needed not only a team of artists, but also a team of admin support.

I achieved all this in three short years as my business and team have continued to grow. In all honesty, I had ups and downs and learning curves, but if I had
known then what I know now – I would have achieved this goal even faster!

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Investing in a mentor for support will help you learn and grow faster.
Overcome the stumbling blocks and read the roadmap to success!

Mentoring is nothing new to me – I promote, support, and advise my team. It’s an aspect of my work that I love because I want to help people build their confidence! If you would like to book a session or have any further questions about my services, please do not hesitate to email me at

I am so excited to hear about your business and your dreams, and together we can create a roadmap for your success to realise your goals.

What previous


have said

“Storme has added incredible value to my business! I knew I had to make changes to grow my business but I wasn’t exactly sure what changes and improvements were needed. Storme had a look at my website and social pages before our session and from the word go showed me exactly where I can improve for better client conversion rates. Storme is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to business in the beauty industry, she is witty, intelligent and overall a lovely person. She doesn’t waste time so a session with her is packed with knowledge and tips to apply to your business. I highly recommend booking a mentoring session with her to take your business to the next level!” 

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