Build your


Are you ready to scale your business and grow your team?

How exciting!

When it’s time to grow your business and start a team of artists or even delegate tasks so that you are no longer doing ALL the dreaded admin work – that’s really cool! And the bonus is it will make a huge difference because you will find yourself having freed up valuable time to do what you do best!

Not doing it all yourself is one advantage, and when you bring team artists into the equation this in turn allows you to be able to pick and choose the clients / bookings which you prefer to do, without ‘loosing’ the lead by having to tell them your sorry and no longer available!

If delegating is the main aim – because lets face it,we didn’t get into this job to do the admin… then enjoy the freedom that comes with systemizing and giving a VA key tasks. 


The possibilities are endless!

Tired of turning clients away?

You work so hard to gain leads, the worst is when you find yourself continuously turning them away because you don’t have the capacity to support them.

Why build a team?

There are so many advantages...

Its a no brainer to grow and scale your business

Turn away less work.

Still make a commission off team work when you aren’t physically working that booking.

Be more flexible about the dates/ bookings YOU choose to take on.

Have a better work / life balance.

Freedom to work less! You don’t need to work every weekend anymore!

Whats included:

2.5 Hour | One to One | Stratergy Zoom Call

Topics Covered:

  • The advantages of having a team or of being in a partnership
  • How to find and vet artists
  • The characteristics that an artist needs to have to work with your brand
  • What you should expect from an artist that works with your brand
  • Team structure and strategy
  • Commission and payments
  • Contracts and legal requirements
  • How to brand yourself within a team
  • How to ensure the artists show up for the jobs you provide
  • How to nurture and grow a trustworthy and loyal team


FREE ; 30 mins follow-up call to help with any new challenges, and assistance implementing what we discussed.

What is the investment:

 Your one time investment to more freedom within your business is


**If none of the dates available suit you, please email Storme at to inquire about further dates.