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Why EVERY small business should have a Website!

If you are running a business, no matter how big or small your business is! It is a MUST!


Every small business should have a website. Why? Well, there are many reasons! These are only a few.

Having a website…

      1. Makes your business look more professional and increases trust.
      2. Will bring you more clients.
      3. Gives you more control.
      4. Saves you time.

    Look more Professional and Increase Trust:


    If you have a small business with a website, this immediately makes your business more creditable. It is a domain that you own, and that you can manage and brand as you wish! This is so valuable in this day and age, where so many businesses rely on social media platforms. But if you don’t own the platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook or TIKTOK, that you are providing your business information. What happens if those platforms suddenly disappear? All your hard work and efforts would be lost.

    When customers search online for a supplier -businesses that have a website are found easily via Google. This is because they are more ‘searchable’ but are also more likely to be considered and gain more clients.



    Bring in more clients:


    Google loves a website to should potential clients and searches. So you are missing out on getting more leads if they can’t find you in a google search. Not only that, but to make a Google My Business profile and be on Google Maps, you need a business website. Being on Google’s radar is so important for growth and reach and gaining new clients.


    By having a professional website, you can brand it and optimize your SEO. This results in you working with clients that are the perfect fit! Your website and web presents will also ensure you long-term success


    Control over your own Business:


    You can take total control over how your business is represented. Control how customers interact and experience everything about your brand. You can have all the information needed in one place. You can make sales from a website. Customers can reach out to you directly from your website. And, you can answer all questions they may have prior to working with you.


    Save yourself time!


    By having a website you can clearly inform potential customers how you do business. Leading to less back and forth. You can have a Frequently Asked Questions page to refer customers to. You can make sure you are getting all the details needed upfront from an inquiry form.


    Making the professional move.


    Nowadays creating your own website can be easier than ever. There are several drop-and-drag website builders like WIX that anyone can create their own website. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and you can slowly work at building a website you and your customers love! Tinkering at a website and updating images and your latest information when needed.


    Have a website to be proud of:


    Having a brand and a website that is aligned can take some time. I started my Wedding Makeup and Hair business website myself building a WIX website. Later, in 2018 I had a rebrand and moved to WordPress. When I wanted to start my new Storme Education website I did so now knowing how to work on WordPress. It took me a while to find my groove and aesthetic. But Google does love it when you work and add to your website. This means the information is always fresh and correct and they feel better about pushing your website as a corresponding answer for a Google search.


    Keep on working at it. Having a website will always be a business asset!


    I hope this blog has been helpful. Please let me know in the comments.

    Storme x


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